The Run 1

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Jul 1996

Mike Uden Ate My Hamster!
Dick Van Dyke to head...
Capper is Safe says Branson (LF)
Lottery Losers
Jumbo Wallet (LF)
Eric de Boer: Escape to L.A.
OAPs bounce into trouble (LF)
World War declared
Chimney Sweep
Page 3 Girl: Nancy O'Brien
Pop princess Aman-Di and Will (LF)
Sausage Fingers
Paul and Caroline
Terminator 2
Del-Boy's Stars
Engineering Crossword
Unidentified Buying Object
BIZARRE by Joon Taylor
Mike Uden: A.W.O.L.
Groucho the Horrible
Getha! (LF)
Taylor: ā€œIā€™m no teapot!ā€
Big Grat fit for next season (LF)

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Ludo Fealy (Lead) and Costas Charitou.