Best of 2-12

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Dec 1990 - Jul 1993

Karen Stitson
Adventures of Wild Dog (Daz)
The A-Team
Costas the Controversial (Daz)
Life in California (CH)
Chinese Menu
The Trip to the Toilet
SupersMeg (Daz)
C.I.S. (CP)
Karen & Mark (SB)
Ace Charitou (SB)
One Size Fits All! (JL)
The Runner on Holiday (AL)
Activities Quiz (MG)
Gargantua from Hell (KS)
Amadeus Quiz (MG)
Aches & Diagnosis (CP)
Common Ailments & Cures (MG)
Jim Morrison is Alive... (LF)
Sean in the Banana Bar (Daz)
Aunty Joce Problem Page (JC)
Captain Groucho (LF)
... and much, much more!

Best of 2-12 (11.4MB)

Costas Charitou, "Daz" Darren Marshall, Ludo Fealy, Meg Guidon, Christian Hogue, Claire Pollock, Sean Broughton, James Lamb, Anna Laurie, Karin Steininger and Joce Capper.