Runner 15

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Feb 1996

Jesus is Alive... (LF)
Karen Stitson - 2nd Dimension
Bob's Log (SB, BM)
The Rushes Attitude List
Always Involved (SS)
Geth About The House (SM, BG)
Ludo? (PA)
Where's Sue? (SB)
Runner Pin-Up: Jon Winslow
Alice in Virginland (Photostory)
Second Class Post
Mike Uden's Suite FA (SB)
The Vomiting Verdy-Man
Anorak Anagram Competition

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Costas Charitou, Ludo Fealy, Bruno Nicoletti, Sam Brown, Ben Murray, Siobhan Mulholland, Becky Garret, John Ross, Paul Arneil and Stuart Speechly.