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Superman III (1983)
Client: Dovemead Films
Title Designer: Shelly Elbourne
Director: Richard Lester
Editor: John Victor-Smith

The front titles over the strutting Pamela Stephenson and the chaos left in her wake were shot as slit scan, a time consuming method, to achieve the extreme perspective as they travel through the frame. Slit scan was shot by Peter Hughes working all night over several weeks. The elements were put together and graded on Oxberry V by Bob Roach who also treat the live action backgrounds to help legibility of text and cover wire work.

The end credits were similar in style to the first two movies but we added a motion control studio shoot for the roller, with the titles being propped up perpendicular to the camera's direction of travel. Shots below are of Chris Lovegrove and Damian Davison shooting this in our Bateman Street studio.

Damian Davison   Chris, Josh and Damian
Damian   Damian



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