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Heat and Dust (1982)
Client: Merchant Ivory

Front titles and end roller.

Optical shoot and grade by Dave Smith in Oxberry II.

The artwork used as the title backgrounds were supplied to us by James Ivory, which he discovered whilst researching the film. Originally commisioned during the Colonial Era, these prints were supplied by book publisher Eyre & Hobhouse Ltd., London, and shot under our rostrum cameras.

Typesetting and layout supervision was by John Barton, but we can't recall the font name. The live action inserts were composited on the aerial image camera using mattes and masters airbrushed by Costas Charitou, meaning the soft 'holes' are filmed in perfect focus and not blurred or feathered in any way. Airbrush grain is visible during Tarla Mehta's credit.


Font info

The font was selected by James Ivory from the Conways Typesetting catalogue.

Titles and layout supervision by John Barton.