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Clash of the Titans (1982)
Client: Charles H. Schneer

Front and end titles. Other memorable VFX shots include:

The Calibos transformation was depicted by a tormented metamorphosing shadow animated by Camera Effects founder Roy Pace. Ray Harryhausen requested a few extra swishes of the tail which was subsequently revised and animated by Arthur Butten.

The Medusa glowing eyes sequences were rotoscoped by Costas Charitou and glow effects were added by Shelly Elbourne.

The star constellations artwork for Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Pegasus were supplied by the production art department. These beautiful illustrations were photographed under our motion control rostrum (Oxberry IV) by Les Pace and were finally composited with star backgrounds and roller titles under Shelly's supervision in Oxberry I.


Font info

The 'CLASH OF THE TITANS' main title graphic was hand lettered by Alan Hall to match a supplied reference.

The remaining titles were set in Carolus Bold, layout supervision by John Barton in our Art Department.