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Pearl and Dean 'Asteroid' (1972)
Client: Pearl and Dean
Designer: Roy Pace

Client liason with Pearl & Dean and the artwork elements were drawn by Roy Pace. Zooming elements were shot on the rostrum by Les Pace. Final combination grade and optical were by Mike Uden on Oxberry II.

Mike Uden, cameraman: "I think a few other people had a crack at shooting it and I couldn't say whether mine was the definitive version. It was simply shot using Roy's Rotring-drawn boxes with multiple zooms on a rostrum. It was way before slit scan. The funny thing about it was that we shot it and expected P&D to put some rock and roll track to it - I was hoping for Led Zep, but they put an old-fashioned big band sound on it. It turns out it was the right decision because it became iconic. But at the time I thought uggh!"


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